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Archived News


Just got a shipment in today from oranges, blue bf marbles and a little dragon girl. The blue butterfly marble is gorgeous.

Don't forget to vote for us at the bottom of the page!!


Not a lot to report, just stopping to say hello! Working on remodeling the fishroom. Once it is underway I will post some pictures. Getting excited about the new layout plan.

I have added a few banner exchange links, if you feel inclined to, vote for us at AquaRank. Also, don't forget to join our Facebook page, we just started it an are always looking for more fans!! I will be working on some additional updates throughout the day.


Added a Facebook fan page. I will eventually be blogging there and sending out updates when I have added stock to the stock shop. So sign up now and become a fan if you would like to be updated! Thanks!


Added Google search functionality to the site. At this point it is still not searching all of the pages in my site. Working on that...hoping to get this working well for you so you can find the answers easily to all of your betta questions!!


Updating my planned spawns to take some more pictures...


My final batch of new arrivals came today from Phil Lafferty (Ye Olde Dragon - If you aren't familiar with Phil's fish and reputation, you should be. As soon as these guys are all settled in and have reached their normal color I will get some pictures. Most of them are young and are fresh out of the grow out tanks with some fin damage, no biggie since that doesn't affect their genetics! Looking forward to see what we can make between them all! Pictures to come!!!!


Uploaded several new photos and made lineage pages for my new arrivals. Looking forward to spawning!


New arrivals! I just got in some beauties from Victoria Parnell. Check them out here.


I'm still excited about my new mobile site!

I just completed the Genetics section for the mobile site. It should now be just as comprehensive as my main website. I hope you all find it as exciting and enjoyable as I do!


Ok folks…I have what I believe to be the first Fully Mobile Betta Website! So, if you have an internet enabled phone or PDA, go to now!! What I have done is compiled all of the data and information in this website into a mobile-friendly site so you can surf on the go. Now if you need Betta info in a pinch, it is at your fingertips!!! There are still photos for reference of finnage, diseases, breeding and various other information but they are all phone-friendly!

If there is any information that I have NOT included in the mobile version that you would like to see there, please let me know and I will see about adding it.

Keep spreading the word and let people know that we are back with all of the information you need on Bettas, and now mobile too!!


We're back :) After a lengthy break and a few moves we are back.

So we are now as well as .info and .org. Please update your bookmarks as one of those search engine agencies snagged our .com site during my lapse.

I have put far too much time and information into this site to allow it to fall off into the unknown. I hope everyone who visits this site will find all of their answers :)

For now I will be working on updating this antique site. I also have a goal to make a mobile version of this site. Gotta get with the time!


  I removed all the sold stock from the stock shop. I will add more when I have some that I am willing to part with. For now, enjoy the information I have provided on this website for all my fellow Betta Enthusiasts :) After all, that is why I created this website!


  Stock shop is sold out. Will update it again eventually. Not ready to sell any more right now. I have been swamped working with the IBC TA Retype program and everyday life. Sorry for lack of replies via email and the Delphi Forum. All will be back to normal again eventually.

  I also fixed the Daily Tips ;)


  I have just finished placing videos of each of the bettas for sale in the stock shop!! They are small so that they will load faster.

  I am not sure, yet, when I will get the remaining stock for sale placed up. Just so you know, they will be from spawn #115 only. There are only a few left.


Stock Shop is open!!! 

I am only parting with a limited number of bettas right now. I only have a handful of others I will place up for sale within the next week. It will be a couple months before I will have others that I am willing to part with. So if you have been waiting for some of my stock, get it now before it is gone. Otherwise you will find yourself waiting again ;)


I have just finished updating the ENTIRE Bettas' R Us website! I didn't make it any fancier or flashier, just faster and more informative than before! I have updated all of our graphics so that they load exceptionally faster than before. I have updated information on nearly every page. The menu on the left and top have been restructured so that your favorite pages are always just a click away. Overall I gave the site a fresh, new look that loads faster and easier for you!
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