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Hatching and Harvesting Baby Brine Shrimp 
By Bettas 'R Us 

First off you need to get some eggs. You can buy them from Once you have gotten your eggs, you need to know how to hatch them. Here is the supplies I use:

  1. 'Betta' BBS Hatchery

  2. Air pump & Gang valve (optional) (picture)

  3. Quart sized cup or jar

  4. Brine Shrimp Net

  5. Aquarium Salt

I mix up a gallon jug of water with 8 tablespoons of aquarium salt (or rock salt or kosher salt). I then measure out one quart and pour it into the 'Betta' BBS Hatchery, making sure that it is hooked up to the air pump and running. You may choose to hook a regulator valve (or gang valve) up to your air pump so you can regulate the air flow. I then add about teaspoon of eggs or so depending on the size of my spawn(s). This will take your own judgment after you have done it awhile. For the first hour or two, the eggs will occasionally build up above the water line. I simply tip the 'Betta' BBS Hatchery in a circular motion until they are all in the water again. I let mine bubble for 24-36 hours, this depends on what grade of BBS eggs you have. Once they have hatched (you will notice the water looks much more orange) then unplug the airline from the pump or valve and wrap it over the top of the 'Betta' BBS Hatchery and cover. Wait approximately 10 minutes for the water to settle and the shrimp will be attracted to the light at the bottom (because of the cover). Then remove the cover and place the end of the airline in your cup/jar and let it drain. Drain it nearly completely out except for the last little bit which will contain the hatched eggshells. Once drained, you can rinse the 'Betta' BBS Hatchery and hook it back up to the air pump or valve. Pour the mixture back into the 'Betta' BBS Hatchery through a Brine Shrimp Net. Rinse the jar/cup in cool/warm water and pour it through the net into the sink. Gently rinse the BBS in the net for 30 seconds or so. You can then use a Popsicle stick to scoop them and feed them, or you can place the net directly in the tank to feed.

If you do not have the 'Betta' BBS Hatchery then you can hatch the BBS eggs the same way using your jar/cup and an air stone at the end of your airline tubing. Once hatched, let the water settle and place a flashlight at on point on the jar. This will attract the BBS to one place in the jar and they can be easily sucked up by a siphon or a turkey baster and squeezed into a Brine Shrimp Net. Rinse and feed the same as above.

I then reuse the saltwater for about a week before changing it.

I hope this method helps you. I also suggest getting the 'Betta' BBS Hatchery, it is a major time & hassle saver!! It will be available in our supplies section eventually.

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