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Genetic Educated Guesses

One of the most commonly asked questions throughout the Betta world, is 
"If I breed . . . what will I get???"
I have put together some simple, basic color combos to give you an idea.
I will add more as I can.

Pet Store Bettas Unfortunately for the many breeders who start out breeding these, there is no way to answer this question. Pet Store bettas, as beautiful as they are, are genetically mutts. There is no way to know what genes they carry unless a local breeder supplies your pet store and they leave genetic information for the pet store owner to pass along. Please don't expect anyone to be able to give you an accurate answer to this question.
Yellow x Opaque White You will get a dirty opaque in F2. I believe one breeder characterizes these as 'Ivories', what they come down to is that they are opaque whites with dirty, antique looking finnage. If you are breeding for opaque whites, this will take you a step backwards.
Opaque White x Opaque White Even though this may seem obvious, I wanted to point out the red wash factor in this. Many breeders want very clean opaque whites when looking to purchase their first stock. Even when breeding two clean opaque whites together, does not guarantee you will get a spawn of all clean opaque whites. You will still get some with red or cream wash. If you breed an opaque white with red wash, you will still get some clean offspring. What you want to keep in mind is when choosing your breeding stock, the female is the most important when it comes to cleanliness. A clean female will make more clean babies. So don't shy away from opaque whites with wash, they are usually cheaper and are an inexpensive way to start your opaque white line.
Yellow (nr) x Extended Red The first generation you will get all reds, UNLESS the extended red also carries the yellow (nr) gene. If your red does not carry the yellow (nr) gene, then the entire spawn will be reds that carry yellow (nr). You may get a few traditional Cambodians, as well. 
Extended Red (nr geno) x Yellow (nr) You will get about half and half, extended reds and yellows (nr). They will all carry yellow (nr).
Blue x Red You will get a mess. Red and Blues are not two colors you should mix. Breeders have spent generations upon generations trying to separate these two colors. There are special cases where these two can be mixed, but by the time you get to that stage in breeding, you won't need this page anymore :)
Green/Turquoise x Royal Blue The Blue gene is a very odd gene. By mixing a Royal Blue (B1b1) with a Turquoise/green(B1B1) you will get about half and half, Royal Blue and Turquoise/Green.
Royal Blue x Royal Blue You may think this is obvious, that you will get Royal Blues. The way the Blue gene works, this is not the case. You will get about 50% Royal Blues, 25% Turquoise/Green & 25% Steel Blues.
Steel Blue x Royal Blue You will get approximately 50% Royal Blues and 50% Steel Blues.
Steel Blue x Turquoise/Green You should get 100% Royal Blues.
Yellow (nr) x Turquoise/Green You should get first generation turquoise/green with red wash. The yellow (nr) gene will only show as yellow when it is paired in twos, it is recessive. So unless the Turquoise/Green carries the yellow (nr) gene, then you will get turquoise/green with red wash. Breeding a pair of that spawn together should result in turquoise/green with yellow wash.
Black Lace x Melano Black Unfortunately you will not get blacks unless each of them carries the gene for the other black. These two genes do not work together as the same gene. They would make a good matching if you had a black lace female that carried melano and a Melano male that carried black lace.  
Melano Black x Melano Black You will not get any fry unless you have a melano black female that is 1 in a million. I have seen advertised black melano females, but I have not actually bought or bred a fertile melano female. I have seen the quality of the 'fertile' line and it is extremely less than ideal. There are major color faults in the line which leads me to believe that the only reason the females may be fertile is that they are not full Melanos. I will applaud anyone who creates true black melano females that will produce viable young.   
There are so many other combinations. I will add more when I get time. If you would like to submit a color combination that you would like to see here, please email me and put 'WHAT WILL I GET SUGGESTION' in the subject. 

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