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Disease Preventions

An ounce of prevention . . . what was that old saying? Well, it was a good one! Preventing your bettas from ever getting ill is much easier than trying to treat them. Here are a few tips in keeping your bettas fit as a fiddle.
  1. Clean, clean and even cleaner water!! Make SURE and do those water changes. Dirty water is the #1 cause of illness.
  2. Add Aquarium salt after each water change.
  3. Quarantine any new arrivals that are to go into the community tank. You should do this for more reasons that merely disease prevention. It is good to do for 72 hours, in my experience.
  4. Do not let uneaten food decay in their bowls. This will foul the water, then you have dirty water. Dirty water = illness.
  5. Be EXTRA careful when sharing nets. I HATE to use the same nets on ANY two fish. Once one gets sick, then they all get sick. Sometimes one may be ill and not showing the signs yet. I hate it when that happens :( So what I do is in between each fish I run my net through scalding hot water and let it soak until I am ready for the next fish. I of course then rinse the net in cool water, don't want any net patterns burned into those beautiful babies! This takes more time, but is well worth it.
  6. If a betta has been sick or died due to an illness, bleach their bowl. I keep a squirt bottle full of straight bleach. When I am cleaning sick fish's bowls, I give a couple good squirts in scalding hot water, and let it soak for about 10-20 minutes. Then I rinse, rinse and rinse some more. Once I have rinsed it good, I fill it with water and add a dechlorinator and let it soak for another 10 minutes or so. Then do you know what I do? Rinse again. Bleach and I have a love/hate relationship. I love that it kills all those nasty diseases, but I hate how easily it can kill my babies. So be very careful when using it, but don't be afraid to. Just make sure to rinse very well and soak it in water with dechlorinator then when you setup the water for the fish, add extra dechlorinator!
  7. Wash your hands often during water changes. After using hand soap, don't forget to rinse VERY WELL!!
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