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If you don't find the answer to your questions here, try our complete site Search. If you still find it unanswered visit our Forum!!

Common Abbreviations

TSTB?? BBS?? HM, DT, ST??? What do they all MEAN!? Find out here and let your confusion end :O)

Care for your Betta

Have a question about how to care for your new found friend? Well I hope to answer all your questions here!

Buying our Bettas

Worried about making your first Betta purchase online? Worried whether the bettas can and will survive the journey? Put your fears at ease and check out this FAQ.

Quality Questions

Wondering what makes a quality betta a quality betta?? Need some advice on how to purchase a quality betta? Well here are a few tips on knowing the difference between quality and the rest.

Breeding your Bettas

I added some Frequently Asked Questions for this category even though I have a comprehensive, in-depth walkthrough in the Breeder's Corner. You should be able to find answers to many of your breeding questions there as well.

Other F.A.Q.

There are many questions asked daily that really don't fit a category, here are some of them. This section will be never ending, and I will most likely add new questions regularly. It is close to empty right now. Ask me some questions so I can add some more!

Betta Behavior

Why bettas do the things they do? This isn't really a FAQ page, but more of an article of information. I thought it would fit in the FAQ section anyway ;)
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