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A1 Red STM (Single Tail Male)
A2 Red DTM (Double Tail Male)
A3 Black STM (Single Tail Male)
A4 Black DTM (Double Tail Male)
A5 Red STF (Single Tail Female)
A6 Black STF (Single Tail Female)
A7 Red/Black DTF (Double Tail Female)
B1 Blue STM (Single Tail Male)
B2 Steel Blue STM (Single Tail Male)
B3 Green Turquoise STM (Single Tail Male)
B4 Dark Iridescent DTM (Double Tail Male)
B5 Blue STF (Single Tail Female)
B6 Steel Blue STF (Single Tail Female)
B7 Green Turquoise STF (Single Tail Female)
B8 Dark Iridescent DTF (Double Tail Female)
C1 Yellow/Clear STM (Single Tail Male)
C2 Pastel STM (Single Tail Male)
C3 Opaque STM (Single Tail Male)
C4 Light Solid DTM (Double Tail Male)
C5 Yellow/Clear STF (Single Tail Female)
C6 Pastel STF (Single Tail Female)
C7 Opaque STF (Single Tail Female)
C8 Light Solid DTF (Double Tail Female)
D1 Dark Bi-Color STM (Single Tail Male)
D2 Dark Bi-Color DTM (Double Tail Male)
D3 Light Bi-Color STM (Single Tail Male)
D4 Light Bi-Color DTM (Double Tail Male)
D5 Dark Bi-Color STF (Single Tail Female)
D6 Dark Bi-Color DTF (Double Tail Female)
D7 Light Bi-Color STF (Single Tail Female)
D8 Light Bi-Color DTF (Double Tail Female)
E1 Butterfly STM (Single Tail Male)
E2 Multicolor STM (Single Tail Male)
E3 Patterned DTM (Double Tail Male)
E4 Marble STM (Single Tail Male)
E5 Marble DTM (Double Tail Male)
E6 Patterned STF (Single Tail Female)
E7 Patterned DTF (Double Tail Female)
E8 Marble STF (Single Tail Female)
E9 Marble DTF (Double Tail Female)
F1 Wilds, Small Bubble nesters
F2 Wilds, Large Bubble nesters
F3 Wilds, Small Mouth Brooders
F4 Wilds, Large Mouth Brooders
G1 Mail Trios
G2 Female Trios
G3 Pairs
G4 Variations
G5 Form and Finnage
H1 Plakats, Wild Color
H2 Plakats, AOC (All Other Colors)
I1 Photography
I2 Illustration
I3 Crafts

IBC Novice Classes

N-A1 Dark solid color non-iridescent Male
N-A2 Dark solid color non-iridescent Female
N-B1 Dark solid color Iridescent Male
N-B2 Dark solid color Iridescent Female
N-C1 Light solid color Male
N-C2 Light solid color Female
N-D1 Bi-Color Male
N-D2 Bi-Color Female
N-E1 Patterned Male
N-E2 Patterned Female
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