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  Here is just a small fraction of feedback I have received from my customers.
bulletThe fish arrived and look very good. They really didn"t even look stressed at all. The extra female was a very welcome addition, thanks so much!!!

bulletI got them today, they are gorgeous! I wasn't expecting to get a male, he looks great =)  

bulletThe fish arived in great shape and I'm delighted. And thanks for the freebies from spawn #44...had my eye on those!  

bulletI am just writing to let you know that the bettas arrived in great condition. They colored up almost right away and thay all had a great appetite!  Also, thank you very much for the microworm culture and the free DTF. You are so sweet! Thank you so much for all your help and for the beautiful bettas.

bulletThey just came and are being acclimated. They came through the shipping fine. I can't wait until they color up so I can really see them! (I try not to bother them too much after they just arrive.) And thank you very much for the extra female! I love the girls.

bulletthe bettas arrived right at 3PM - I was at work, so I couldn't let you know. I am now home and they are floating in their new homes as we speak.  All are pale, but seem active and OK.... I love the double-tail!!!  What a beauty - thank you so much for him and the sibling female!

bulletBettas arrived very healthy. All, including the extras, are beautiful.

bulletReceived the fish today and it appears to be in good shape.

bulletThe fish arrived at my door at 2:00 PM El paso time. Both fish were in excellant shape. Thanks a lot!

bulletjust got shipemt all alive and well

bulletI received the bettas today. I love them!! They are doing great!!  
Very active and alert. They are coloring up nicely. They are going to be gorgeous adults!! (they're already gorgeous babies!!)  The male has beautiful finnage for being so young. I can't wait to breed them when they get older. Thank you once again for the extra female, I truly appreciate it!!!!

bulletThe two females arrived safely. They're each in a jar so they can slowly get used to the water.

bulletBettas arrived safely and now are adjusting to their new home. Thanks for the freebie.

bulletMy Bettas arrived today in good condition. I was a little worried about the male because all he would do is lay on the bottom, but he did liven up about an hour later.

bulletAll bettas arrived alive and well!

bulletJust wanted to let you know that the baby bettas arrived and seem to be doing well. They are a little pale but already are eating. Thanks so much for the extra DT Female. All of them are beautiful!!!

bulletBettas arrived safe and sound this morning (9AM).They are lovely and seem to be acclimating well. Thanks for the extras! Hope to do business with you again soon.

bulletThe Bettas arrived in fine shape. Thanks for including the extra brother and I'll really be confused which ones to breed.

bulletI got my fish today! They all look good. Thanks. Did you mean to include an extra? If so, thanks.

bulletWe received the bettas safe and sound.  Very surprised that our freebies were DT's  That is our first ones.

bulletI received my bettas today in great condition and thanks for the unexpected additional two fish. . . I would once again like to tell you how happy I am with the fish and I will keep in touch.

bulletI have just received the betta box.
It was delivery at 1:30pm.
Thank's for the 2 gifts you sent to me.

bulletPackage arrived all is well! Thanks for the service

  Please don't email me about misspellings, these are taken straight from their emails and left as is.
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