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We take great care in the shipping of our Bettas. We are located in central United States, and that helps us have quicker delivery to both coastal regions. 

Packing : The Bettas are not fed one-two days prior to shipping to eliminate waste production during their trip. We use Styrofoam coolers for shipping. Each betta is placed in a plastic fish bag with just enough water to cover them regardless of the position of the bag. They are then inverted and bagged again. This eliminates corners on the bag as well as reduces the possibility of leaks. Each betta's bag will be labeled so you will know who is who. 
    We do not package them until right before we are ready to walk out the door to ship them. The shipping address & return shipping address are pre-printed. This helps speed up delivery and eliminate shipping errors. Correct shipping addresses are critical to the safety of your fish, always double check the address that you submit with your order. All betta shipments must be signed for. You MUST be home or have someone there to pick up the fish. If you are not there, the fish will be returned to the courier office. If you are not home to sign for your fish, your warranty is void. All packages will have a tracking number so you can see where your bettas are at all times. We offer a Live Arrival guarantee on Overnight Packages only. For more information on our Guarantee, visit our Warranty page.

Cold Season/Regions : We use top grade Heat Packs in all our cold weather shipments. We also use high grade shipping containers. There will be a heat pack fee as well as the basic box fee for all shipments.

Shipping Dates
FedEx Express Overnight (recommended): Monday through Wednesday. We will try to work with your schedule as best we can.
    FedEx 2-day : Monday through Wednesday, earlier in the week is better incase of any delays. Delays are rare, but can happen. Please note that there is no live arrival guarantee on 2-day shipments.

Shipping charges are approximated as follows:

Shipments are made according to climate and weather.

  Recommended methods  
Priority Overnight Standard Overnight* 2-Day
Canadians that live near the US border can elect to drive across the border into the US to receive their bettas. 
* Please note that some rural areas do not have the Standard Overnight option and must use Priority Overnight for next day deliveries. If you live in a rural area, I will inform you whether or not you must use Priority Overnight.
FedEx Priority Overnight®
10:30am delivery to most U.S. cities
FedEx Standard Overnight®
3:00pm delivery to most U.S. cities
FedEx 2-Day®
4:30pm delivery in 2 business days to most U.S. cities.
This is for certain climates, please use this option responsibly during colder or hotter months.



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