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There is no minimum order required for supplies.

First time customers get a free culture of their choice with shipment of their first Betta order!

Vinegar Eels Coming Soon!!!!! Vinegar Eels are a great first food (not including Infusoria) for your fry. Click picture for more information and culturing info.

The Starter Culture includes a starter culture, you will need to purchase additional supplies to get a full culture going. It will take approximately a month to get this culture producing enough to harvest. You will receive complete printed instructions as well as have online support from myself and this website.
  Coming Soon!!!!!  Microworms are the most common first food, aside from Infusoria. Click here for more info.  
  Coming Soon!!!!!  Banana Worms More info soon...  
  Coming Soon!!!!!  Walter Worms More info soon...  
  Coming Soon!!!!!  Grindal Worms More info soon...  
  Coming Soon!!!!!  Java Moss (Vesicularia dubyana) is an excellent breeding plant, as well as a plant for any aquarium or jar. I use this plant as refuge for my breeding females and it also provides the first food for the fry, Infusoria. I also leave it in the tank for the fry to escape from the larger, more aggressive fry as they grow. When they are eventually jarred, I add a small portion to the jars. I also keep Java Moss in my community aquarium, especially if they house female bettas. This is an all around 'must have' plant for any fish room. It seems it is very hard to find, and when found it is increasingly expensive. We hope to have some in stock again soon.

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  Coming Soon!!!!!  Indian Almond Leaves are excellent additions for your spawning supplies. Use these leaves to condition your spawning tanks, or even your Betta's home! These leaves naturally decrease the PH level of the water, softening it to simulate natural breeding conditions. Also aids in the recovery of damaged fins. The tannin naturally colors the water, so don't be alarmed! These leaves will increase the vigor of your bettas and also promote spawning.

These leaves are naturally fallen and sun dried. Our leaves are totally organic, no chemicals are used on the trees. They are imported directly from Thailand in the Nakhon Sawan province.

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