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The information found on this site is here as advice and is what works well for us. Do not hold us liable for any consequences of using the information provided on this site. To the best of our knowledge, the information is correct. By using this site, you agree not to hold us liable for anything that may arise from reading the information given in the site.

Bettas 'R UsŪ makes no representation about the suitability for any purpose of the information contained in the documents and related graphics published at this web site. All such information is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. Bettas 'R UsŪ hereby disclaims all warranties and conditions with regard to this information including all implied warranties.

In no event shall Bettas 'R UsŪ be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from, arising out of, or in connection with the use of the information in the documents and related graphics published at this web site or via email.

The documents and related graphics published at this site could include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. At any time Bettas 'R UsŪ may make changes, additions, and deletions to the documents and related graphics at this web site.

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Daily Tips
We offer Daily Tips for our viewers to read, enjoy and use if they wish. Our daily tips fall under the same disclaimers as stated above. If you choose to submit a Daily Tip to us, you are granting us the right to publish this tip on our website or any other way we see fit. Whenever publishing a submitted tip, the original author will be given full credit as is due. The original author will still retain all rights to their submission, you will just be granting us permission to use it :)

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Email/Forum Advice
We offer 'Betta Help' advice via our forum at Delphi and occasionally via email. When offering this advice, it also falls under the disclaimers stated above. 

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Copyright Info
All information, content, graphics, photos and all other components of this website are copyright protected by Bettas 'R UsŪ/Rhonni Anaya. All rights are reserved. It is a federal violation to copy and use any aspect of this website without written permission by Bettas 'R UsŪ/Rhonni Anaya. Full prosecution will be taken to the fullest extent for violators.

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Our Warranty
We guarantee that the fish are in top health when they are shipped and are packed properly and securely. Since the shippers will not fill claims on live fish, we have taken it upon ourselves to cover for their mistakes and offer a live arrival guarantee on FedEx Overnight Packages. Please click above on 'Our Warranty' for more information, valid only on FedEx Express (Next day only) shipments only.

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Methods of Payment
The easiest method of payment is by Visa, Master Card through PayPal
. You MUST include a verified address with PayPal payments. We reserve the right to decline any payments that do not include a confirmed address. We do not accept credit cards in any other fashion apart from PayPal.

The second method of ordering is by mail to our street address. Mail orders must include payment in full in advance of shipment with a Money Order available in all Post Offices. We do not accept C.O.D. orders, cash or personal checks. All payments must be in U.S. Dollars.

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Your Privacy
We will not purposely or knowingly divulge any of the information you send to us about yourself to anyone.

We will keep the information you send us in our personal database. We will keep your information for repeat business purposes only. You can contact us at any time, as many times as you choose, and we will always try to be helpful.

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Customer Accounts
At present we do not offer accounts. Each order must be paid for by the time it is shipped by PayPal
or a Money Order which is available in any U.S. Post Office. Do not send us cash or personal checks. We do not accept C.O.D. orders. We are not responsible for lost mail.

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The Limitations of Our Liability
 In no case will Bettas R UsŪ assume responsibility for fish arriving D.O.A. We do everything in our power to ensure their safe shipment. We offer our warranty in good faith but are not required to do so.

Copyright Đ 2000 -2009 Bettas 'R Us All Rights Reserved.
All text and graphics are owned by Bettas 'R Us
Any unauthorized use of Graphics/Content is strictly prohibited.
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