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Our Guarantee:

  We will guarantee that your fish will be in top health and packed properly. We cannot control how the shipper will handle your package or any sudden weather changes. We still offer an arrive alive guarantee on Overnight packages within the United States. See below for more information.

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Prepare . . .

  We ask that you already be prepared for your new fish' arrival. Have their bowl already setup, properly conditioned with a dechlorinator such as Prime (if needed). If your fish is going into a community tank, we ask that you quarantine it for at least 72 hours. This will help the fish to get over the initial shock of shipment and regain it's health and strength, if needed. 

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Acclimate . . .

  Acclimating your new fish is very important. When your new fish arrive, open the box in a dimly lit room. The bright light will just add unneeded stress. Carefully remove their outer bag, make sure and remember who is who! Float their bag in their new, clean bowl. Let it float for about 5-10 minutes, this will make sure the temperature of the water in the bag is the same as the temperature of the water in their bowl. Gently add a small amount of the new tank's water to your betta's bag, this will begin to acclimate him to the new water conditions. Continue to add a small amount more water every 5 minutes 2 more times. After that can gently pour it into it's new home or pour them into a net and gently place them into their bowl. Feed them a small portion immediately. This will help them relax and know that this is their new home. We highly encourage you to follow the proper acclimation of your bettas. We will not warrantee bettas that die due to improper acclimation.

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D.O.A.  . . .

 If you receive one or more DOA, do NOT open the bag(s). We will not warrantee opened bags, period. Place the betta(s) back in the shipping box to be mailed back to us. Email us at right away so we can verify their time of death and to let us know which fish arrived dead. You must notify us of DOA within 2 hours of the Overnight shipper's recorded Time of Delivery. The returned fish need to be postmarked no later than 24 hours from their delivery date to you. We will use the same box to ship back your new fish.
  We do not cover shipping costs in our guarantee. In the majority of the cases, it is the fault of the shipper when fish arrive dead and we receive no compensation for these deaths. We compensate you for fish lost even though it is most likely on no fault of our own. We know how disappointing it is to receive DOA's. We felt that we could do this for you seeing as the courier will not guarantee live fish. You will receive a credit for the cost of your fish toward the purchase of new ones or your fish will be replaced with a pair of equal quality if they are available, usually at our discretion.

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